Best Small Juicer That is Incredibly Easy to Clean

The benefits of juicing are immense. To summarize every nutritionist’s findings, the regular intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juice is one of the best favors you can give to your body!

Juiced green vegetables provide nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals in an instant without compromising our body’s digestive system. Studies have proved that vegetable juice is quickly absorbed and digested just within 30 minutes after intake! Adding fruits and vegetables to our daily regimen is made easy and convenient through juicing.

Juicers come in all shapes, sizes and prices which can make the decision as to which juicer to buy, difficult. After all, there is always a specific feature that sets one juicer apart from the rest, one that will ultimately determine if that special function is just the thing you are looking for in a juicing machine.

Just as juicers come in a myriad of types, so does juicer shoppers! Our juicer reviews and juice recipes will make it easier for you to find what you want.

  1. Juicers by Type – If you know what type of juicer you want (e.g citrus, wheatgrass etc) but just need to find the right brand then this section is for you.
  2. Juicers by Brand – If you know what brand of juicer you want e.g Jack Lalanne then look at this section to find the specific model that would be suit your needs.

The first step to getting the juicer of your dreams is to understand the many complex factors surrounding your juicing needs. Make the most of your juicer investment! The last thing you would want to do is to buy a juicer on an impulse. An expensive, sleek looking juicer does not necessarily mean it is the best one for you! So save up on some dollars by reading through our reviews.

In this guide, you will learn the different methods to determine your need, the particular type of juicer that will match that need plus some professional tips and advice on how to care for your new juicer. All this valuable information is yours absolutely free! This buying guide is the ultimate must-have for juicer shoppers.

Juicer Deals

Technology has undeniably given us many wonderful benefits – kitchen and home appliances that operate quicker, gadgets that help communicate in a blink of an eye, equipments that function to make our lives better. Although there may be one too many practical kitchen devices to buy, a typical consumer must first consider if there is actually a need for it. Such is the case for juicers.

What is the use of juicers?

Juicers (also called juice extracators) are primarily used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Juice extracts contain antioxidants and phytochemicals not found in cooked or processed foods, and are known to generate the most concentrated amounts of vitamins and living enzymes that help in general health and nutrition. Juicers supply you with 100% fresh and natural juices for the healthiest beverage option.

Juicers are also considered an essential tool for some dieters because the finished product is often enough to compensate for a full meal. When health buffs and serious dieters go on a juice fasting, they consider it as a cleansing process to rid their body of toxins. Juicers are also used to replace meals for older people, especially those who have poor health. As with adults, infants benefit from juicers as well.

There are so many known brands, types and shapes of juicers that a mere glance over the store shelves will affirm how difficult it will be to decide on just one unit. Juicers may not exactly be a major kitchen appliance but selecting the perfect fit for your need is necessary to make your investment worthwhile.

Benefits of Juicing

Benefits-Of-Cucumber-Juice-To-Lose-WeightA can of soda, a cup of coffee and a commercially manufactured fruit beverage generally have zero nutritional value.

While we drink liquids to naturally relieve our thirst, it would also be good to drink something of value – something that can contribute to your body’s health and condition, and not just any thirst-quencher with empty calories and no health benefits. Clearly, a juicer comes into the picture when seeking options for healthier living.

Juice from fresh fruits and vegetables are enriched with vitamins and minerals that activate enzymes which are vital in establishing the body’s metabolism. Without a proper and well-balanced diet, our bodies go through many difficulties often related to digestion and general well-being. Poorly nourished people tend to experience problems in digestion and in maintaining ideal weight. Some also feel weak or drowsy during the day.

Here are some of the specific benefits we get from drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables:

  1. We get a generous dose of chlorophyll that is essential for detoxifying. It purifies and rebuilds our blood cells naturally, removing parasites and toxins along the way. Most importantly, chlorophyll has been proven to remove highly destructive cancer cells as well as help remove potentially growing cancer cells.
  2. We go through the process of oxygenation and cellular cleansing which aids in flushing out unwanted substances or toxins in our body. In a nutshell, the human cellular environment is where all our body cells thrive, giving special note to the lymphatic, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Therefore, cellular cleansing from juiced fruits and vegetables are greatly beneficial.
  3. Our alkaline levels in the blood and tissues are kept to a balance. In raw and fresh vegetable juice, alkaline is a large component. High doses of acidity can be a serious health problem and it is vitally important to keep them to a minimum. Alkaline will help regulate and control the acidity levels in our system.
  4. We get extremely good quantities of vitamins and minerals, the very basic needs of our human system. They help in the body’s healing process and cell regeneration. Trace elements, enzymes and variable nutrients are also present in freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.
  5. We get natural remedies, vegetable hormones and antibiotics from vegetable juices.  Just to give an example: cucumber and onion contains hormones needed by the pancreas to produce insulin. Likewise, garlic, tomatoes and radish are packed with valuable antibiotic substances.
  6. Our bodies can easily absorb organic food more than processed food. Calcium, potassium and silicon are only some of the organic minerals found in juiced vegetables and fruit. These minerals aid in the restoration of biochemical and mineral balance in the cells and tissues which further helps in the prevention of premature aging of cells and diseases.

Juicers For Different Occasions

triturating juicerBecause juicers come in different types and specifications, it is important to determine why and how they will be used.

For example, a restaurant may need something durable and can produce large amounts of juice at any given time.

Meanwhile, a simple yet functional juicer will be sufficient for home use granting that all members of the household do not require heavy consumption. If you plan to juice citrus fruits only, a citrus juicer or even a manual juicer is what you should get.

Many people who go into juice diets might need a special juicer that can extract both fruits and vegetables in an efficient manner, as juicing will essentially form part of their daily regimen.

Such a juicer should be durable enough to handle heavy use within several times during a single day. If you need a juicer for feeding infants and aged people on a daily basis, then you will not necessarily need an enormous juicer, just a medium-sized one will do.

In the same manner, if you only plan to use the juicer for certain cooking requirements or ingredients, a small juicer (perhaps a citrus juicer) will be satisfactory. If you need a juicer specifically for wheatgrass alone, there are many models of the best wheatgrass juicers in the market.

Ultimately, knowing why and how you will be using the juicer will be very helpful in deciding the kind of juicer to purchase. Make sure to evaluate these basic points before going to the department store to make your shopping quicker and simpler.

Juicer Operating Systems

 different types of juicers to buyCentrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are juicers that mainly separate the juice of fruits and vegetables from their pulp before being pressed down on a spinning blade at high speed. The pulp then falls into a plastic or stainless steel bucket, and remains in the bucket until manually emptied.

Some centrifugal juicers have pulp ejectors that have an automatic pulp ejection feature through a side opening.

Centrifugal juicers are very powerful, and can yield a large amount of juice. You will not need to stop operations in order to remove pulp when you are juicing bigger servings of fruit or vegetables. In general, centrifugal juicers operate faster and are easier to clean up than other juicers.

Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers, on the other hand, chop or masticate fruits and vegetables at high speed to produce pulp paste and juice. A filtering screen is then used to squeeze out the juice from the pulp paste. Some masticating juicers have a built-in hydraulic press that makes the process of extracting juice from the pulp paste much easier. Some masticating juicer models are also designed to grind nuts, seeds and grains, and can also work as blenders. You can opt for a single-gear masticating juicer or a two-gear masticating juicer.

Manual Juicers

While electric juicers are more convenient to use, manual juicers have their own special functions. Manual juicers are handy to carry when traveling. In cases of power failure, a manual juicer can still be used. Manual juicing can be laborious but it does gets the job done!

Manual juicers come in kits that contain all the necessary tools and guidelines to help you extract juice from fruits and vegetables you love.

Juicer Types According to Function

best wheatgrass juicer review1. Wheatgrass Juicers

Wheatgrass juicers are available in both manual and electric form though even the electric models have slow turning motors specifically to yield the more juice.

High speed will destroy valuable enzymes. True to its title, wheatgrass juicers are specially designed to extract juice from wheatgrass.

Some machines are multi-functional and can juice not only wheatgrass, but other fruits and vegetables as well. Wheatgrass is becoming increasingly popular among the health-conscious because it has been tested and proven to contain great levels of nutrients.

citrus juicer2. Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers are juice extractors that extract juice from any citrus fruit. Manual and electric models are available, depending on the preference of the buyer.

The simplest citrus juicer is called a reamer, that device with a cone in the centre portion of a rounded base. The fruit is then cut into half and pressed onto the cone.

For a larger fruit, the dual design manual juicer is more appropriate because there is a connecting juice catcher. For higher volumes of fruit, an electric juicer is best because it delivers fast. A motor spins the conical portion where half the fruit is inserted. The extracted juice is then filled in an attached reservoir.

vegetable juicers3. Vegetable Juicers

A vegetable juicer is a small kitchen appliance that is used for extracting the nutrient-rich juice from raw fruits and vegetables.

The juicer then extracts vegetables into a juice form — making the juice rich in nutrients, more palpable to taste, and easier to digest.

There are three varieties of vegetable juicers on the market — centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer, or a triturating (twin-gear) juicer.

When opting for a vegetable juicer, consumers should seek a model with special features, including low speed performance options, which allows for less oxygen, foam, and longer storage of juice. Also, a user-friendly, quiet, and easy-to-clean model is advisable.

One-of-the-Best-Juicers-of-20164. Fruit Juicers

Fruit juicers extract liquid from many types of fruit. Many consumers prefer this type of homemade fruit juice as opposed to purchasing commercial juices containing a number of additives and preservatives.

The most basic type of fruit juicer is the manual juicer as mentioned above. This time-honoured design is constructed mainly for use with citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits.

More sophisticated models are electric devices that usually include an entry chamber. Whole or cut sections of fruit are placed in the holding tank of the juicer. Serrated blades powered by electricity cut through the pulp and skin of the fruit while the juice is pushed through to a holding tank. The pulp can be extracted from the chamber, relatively free of pulp.

best commercial juicers5. Commercial or Industrial Juicers

Commercial juicers are capable of making large quantities of juice.

The factor that differentiates a commercial juicer from the home juicer is the power and speed of the motor. Popularly used in restaurants, bars, cafes, health clubs and juice bars, commercial juicers are designed to guarantee no break-down from heavy use.

Both worktop models and floor standing models are available.

The greater durability and reliability of commercial juicers is reflected in the price tag as they tend to cost considerably more than home use juicers but this cost can be soon recouped when the machine is put to work in a commercial environment.

Essential Points to Consider

Buying a juicer for whatever purpose you have needs careful insight, just like purchasing any other important kitchen tool. It is not enough to judge by the attractiveness of its physical design or by the impressive features specially advertised by the juicer company!

The elements that make your juicer indispensible to you are the specific characteristics that work for your needs.

Sure, there are possibly hundreds of juicer types and models that you can buy instantly at any store but some qualities may not be present in the other. So again, think wisely! Being an educated consumer who has done his research will make it so much easier to pinpoint which unit to pick at the line-up.

Here, then, are the essential points to remember when buying your juicer:

(i) Price of the juicer.

First determine how much you are willing to spend on your juicer based on the average cost of juicers. Going beyond your budget is easy when presented with pricey units that actually have the same features as a less expensive one.

Salesmen will always try to convince you into spending more for a model that will give them a certain percentage of sales commission. So the higher the price, the bigger commission they get!

Be stern on your budget and seek for a product within your spending limit. Essentially, an industrial juicer would cost more than a regular juicer – it is best to check current online market prices for the juicer category in mind.

(ii) Main purpose of the juicer.

Will you be using your juicer for a restaurant or beverage cafe? Will you be using it only at random times in your home kitchen? Will you be using it for a lifestyle diet change?

Questions such as these should answer the main purpose of buying a juicer. There are specific types of juicers for every specific use. Determining the purpose of your juicer will help you save up on your would-be expenditure.

(iii) Simplicity of operation.

If your juicer needs only sum up to minimum use such as for extracting fruit juice at home for individual consumption only, opt for a juicer that is very easy to operate. Or if you are an office worker or am executive always on the go, a juicer that is quick and simple to use will be your best bet.

(iv) Ease of cleaning.

Some people do not have the luxury of time to spend on cleaning.

If you are that type of person, then you have to pick a juicer that does not have too many parts to clean. Juicers typically need to be disassembled before cleaning so if the juicer you pick has multiple connecting devices, mechanisms or gadgets, this definitely is not the right one for you.

(v) Speed Level.

Similar to the cleaning process stated above, a juicer’s speed level is something you have to consider if you are an extremely busy person with little or no time to wait.

However if you are a chef or a housewife who could spend hours in the kitchen, you do not have to purchase a juicer with overtly high speed levels. For food and beverage business owners, fast juicers are a must-have! You would not want your customers to wait in line for longer periods of time!

(vi) Noise Level.

Being in a busy and noisy environment such as in a commercial sector, noise levels for your juicer can be insignificant or a less important consideration. However if you live in a quiet neighbourhood and have an infant constantly beside you, having a juicer with significantly lower noise levels can be necessary.

How much noise you or your family members can contend with can be a point of argument, as people generally have different thresholds of endurance.

(vii) Type of fruit or vegetable you will be juicing.

This is among one of the most important factors to consider when buying a juicer. For example, if you will be juicing fruits or vegetables with seeds or pulp, you will need to buy a unit that has seed or pulp separators for your maximum convenience.

Or if you only plan to use the juicer for wheatgrass alone, there are wheat grass juicers specifically designed for such purpose.

However, if you plan to juice not only wheatgrass but other fruits and vegetables as well, go for a multiple-function juicer.

best juicer to buy shopping listFollow a Basic Juicer Buying Guideline

After going through these important points, make a list of the features you want your juicer to have and bring it along with you to the store. If you are planning to purchase a juicer online, keep the list at hand and constantly check against the features of the juicer you are eyeing to buy.

If you walk into the juicer department section of a store without any particular features in mind, you might end up frustrated and further exiting without a purchase.

It could be overwhelming to shop for a juicer without clearly having an emphasis on what you need exactly.

That is why every professional juicer would recommend knowing and understanding the different types, operation systems and uses for a juicer.

Sometimes a new consumer is lured by promising infomercials that preach of a myriad of juicing benefits that the mere temptation to buy one is too strong to withhold.

Thus, the consumer, mainly out of sheer curiosity, spends a few hundred dollars to buy something that is totally new to him or even unnecessary.

However, situations like this could often lead to a genuine appreciation of juicing assuming he would actually try the equipment and drink the extracted juice. For the curios type, the best recommended juicer is a centrifugal juicer because it has a simple operation system and is very easy to clean up.

For the more meticulous consumer with a specific need in mind, the hunt for a juicer will not be as tedious as one who practically doesn’t know where to start.

A basic guideline is as follows:

  1. For most fruits and vegetables – Centrifugal juicers
  2. For harder and more difficult to grind fruits and vegetables  – Masticating juicers
  3. For very simple fruits – Manual juicers
  4. For vegetables – twin gear juicer

It is also very helpful to read online juicer reviews written by users. These reviews will be able to give valuable information regarding the quality of the juicer brand or type.

In addition, choose a juicer with a long warranty. Some brands can extend up to 10 years of warranty.

Because of the many discovered potential threats to our health and environment, juicing is becoming increasingly popular.

It provides many great advantages for everyone because the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are preserved at their most natural state.

Dieters have turned to juicing to hopefully attain their desired weight the healthier and faster way while those with health problems and other ailments believe that juicing is the answer to their prevailing discomforts.

Therefore, we can safely claim that investing in a quality juicer is for good reason. Considering the many benefits that fresh natural juices can give, having a juicer goes beyond just completing the kitchen and having all sorts of equipment instantly available at home. It gives far more value to the consumer because of all the possible needs you may have for it in the future. Who knows, one day you might decide to have a complete lifestyle change!

But like any other product you buy, you have to give careful thought as to the intended purpose of the juicer.

Every consumer has a unique need just as every juicer has its unique feature. For commercial and industrial users, going for the most durable type of juicer is ideal.

However, the dilemma comes when presented with so many products wrapped up in pretty packages. Here, consumer ratings that can be found online will offer a great deal of help. Spend wisely by doing your research!

Best Juicers to Buy

Today juicers are manufactured to be easy and convenient to use. These electrically powered appliances juice vegetables, leafy greens and some can even be used to juice wheat.

Lets take a moment to consider who drinks juice and the answer is that all of us do. Whether it is for the children in your home who need healthy juices on a daily basis or the health conscious adult who needs their daily dose of carrot or wheat juice, it is an understatement that we live in a world where everyone wants to include juice in their diet, especially considering the high levels of obesity that is going around.

While commercially available juice products are a dime a dozen, many people have realized that these are full of sugar and don’t have the goodness of real fruit and vegetables. As the magic of instant goods are vanishing, people are opting for the real thing.

For these reasons, it makes good sense to invest in a juicer which will help you get your much needed glass of juice without too much hassle.

Listed below are some juicer options based on their price ranges. The best selling ones in each price range are highlighted, giving you the best possible deals for your budget.

Budget (Under $100) Juicers

For those of you who belong to the old school of thought and believe that you don’t need high end machines to do a simple job, then these low end juicers are just the things for you.

These juicers offer the convenience of separating the juice from pulp, while not possessing too many extra functions that you don’t need.

These juicers are terrific for that quick glass of juice before you leave your home in the morning.

With these convenient appliances, you can ensure that everyone in your family gets their dose of fresh fruit or vegetable shots on a daily basis. The top three best selling juicers that are priced at the under $100 price are

Hamilton Beach 67650HHamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor

The Hamilton Beach Big mouth pro juice extractor is the number one selling juicer under $100.

At that price range, this juicer is a sleek looking model with a cup to collect juice and a 3 inch chute that is wide enough to push an entire fruit through.

Chutes with wider mouths are more convenient as you will not have to worry about slicing your fruit during your early morning rush hour.

The added convenience of this juicer is that it comes with parts that are dishwasher safe and even a brush to help you clean the unit. This feature is very beneficial as you don’t have to spend precious time washing delicate parts that cannot be put into the dishwasher.

The only drawback of this juicer is that it wastes a lot of soft fruit and vegetable as pulp, but when compared to other models this particular disadvantage is insignificant.

The one year warranty it comes with makes the Hamilton Beach a terrific option to consider for home use. If you would like to know more information on this product please check out

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice FountainBreville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain

At around $99, the Breville BJE200 XL 700-Watt compact juice fountain is the second top selling brand of juicer under $100.

This compact juicer has a 3 inch wide chute which helps juicing smaller fruits and vegetables without having to slice them up first. The stand out feature of this design is that it comes with a cyclonic system which operates at 1400 RPM with the help of a 700 Watt motor.

What this means in layman’s terms is that this juicer is extremely quick and you can have your cup of juice in less than 10 seconds.

Many who have used this super quick juicer find that the juicing experience is fuss free and the cleaning is minimal.

One thing to watch out for when using this powerful juicer is that you need to make sure you close the chute when you juice your fruits or vegetables, otherwise you may end up having to clean your entire ceiling.

With minimal wastage of fruit as pulp and its one year warranty, this product comes a close second in our list of juicers under $100. For more information on this product, click on the following link here.

Tribest citristar1 Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer

At less than 50 bucks, the tribest citristar electric citrus juicer is the top third brand of juicer available at under $100.

This juicer is a citrus juicer and can be used to juice citrus fruits of all sizes from small lemons to medium sized oranges and large grapefruits.

This citrus juicer is easy to operate, it is very quiet to run and all you need to do is cut your fruit in half and place it over the juicer. Most who have used this juicer are very, very satisfied in its efficiency and its ability to draw the last drop of juice from your fruit.

Unlike other electric citrus juicers, this one does not stop when you exert pressure on the fruit, it effortlessly continues on without wasting any fruit. With so many advantages, it is not surprising that this simple yet efficient design has taken its place among the top 3 juicer brands under $100.

If you would like to know more about this citrus juicer, check it out here.

Mid Range ($100 – $300) Juicers

The top selling juicers in the mid range section are for those who want a very sleek looking product, which has a little more features than the low end juicers have to offer.

Mid range juicers are more for serious juicers who have had juicers before. These juicers are more efficient, come with those extra features that do make life a little easier.

For those who are not afraid to spend a little more to get a product that is very good, these juicers are perfect for you.

Here are our top 3 juicers in the $100 to $300 range.

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice ExtractorBreville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

The Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is the top selling juicer priced between $100 and $300.

The stand out feature of this product is that it has two speed controls, a lower speed for soft fruit and a higher speed for hard fruits and vegetables. So you will be able to get more out of your fruit when compared to other juicers that tend to waste too much as pulp especially when juicing soft fruits at high speeds.

This juicer comes as a very sleek steel design, fully equipped with a 3 inch feed tube, a micromesh made out of stainless steel, a cutting disc that is titanium plated and a 1 liter juicing pitcher.

The added benefits that come with this particular juicer are a one year warranty and a user manual that even includes recipes.

For all these reasons, the Breveille Juice fountain elite is the top selling juicer in the $100 to $300 price range. For more details on this elegant and powerful juice extractor, click here.

Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice ExtractorBreville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor

The Breville BJE510XL Ikon speed juice extractor, is the second top selling juice extractor in the $100 to $300 price range.

The best part of this juicer is that it has a 900 Watt motor that comes with 5 speed settings.

It has all the features of a good juicer like a 3 inch feeding chute, dishwasher safe parts, a cleaning brush, a control panel which is back-lit, a spout that is detachable and even a froth separator that make juicing an absolute delight.

The froth separator as well as the detachable spout which enables one to fill your favorite glass directly with juice are very simple yet convenient options that most of us will appreciate.

With the added benefit of a one year warranty, it is understandable why this juicer has made it to the top 3 bestselling juicers in the mid range. If you are interested in checking out this product, click here.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicing MachineBreville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicing Machine

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicing Machine is the top third bestselling juicing machine that is available in the mid price range of between $100 and $300.

This juicer design although not as sleek in appearance as some others, is in fact more attractive due to its semi transparent juice container.

With this partially transparent container, you get to see the fruit actually being juiced. Most children and adults alike will love this see through design. Apart from the standard 3 inch feed chute, dual speeds, dishwasher safe parts and a cleaning brush, this particular model comes with a froth separator and overload protection LED.

These small advantages will ensure that you get your glass of juice, just the way you like it, without any froth. With a one year warranty attached, this lovely product is well worth the money you pay for it. For more information, check out Breville JE98XL Juicing Machine

Top End (Over $300) Juicers

The biggest advantage of buying a top end juicers is that they are very efficient juicers that last without trouble for a very long time. Most top end juicers come with a minimum 5 year warranty and an average 10 year warranty.

Most of us do not want to change our juicers every few years, although the looks keep getting better, we are still content to have an old juicer that functions effectively. These juicers are made to last and with one of these, you can be quite sure that you won’t need to change it in the next 5 years, unless you want to of course.

Here are the top 3 bestselling top end juicers, priced over $300.

Omega Vert Hd Vrt350 JuicerOmega Vert Hd Vrt350 Juicer

The Omega Vert Hd Vrt350 Juicer is the top selling juicer over $300. One look at this product and you will understand why it sells like hot cakes. The design is attractive, with a transparent juicer which lets you watch your juice getting done in a jiffy. It also comes with a nice and long spout which you can use to directly fill up your glass with.

Whats more, it self feeds, so you can do other work when it juices. The feature that is very impressive about this particular juicer is that it has a self-cleaning facility that helps cleaning the filter with ease.

And with a 10 year warranty attached, it is little wonder that this juicer is the best selling high end juicer available.

If you like this product and want more information, check it out here

Omega VRT330 Dual-Stage Vertical Single-Auger Low-Speed JuicerOmega VRT330 Dual-Stage Vertical Single-Auger Low-Speed Juicer

The Omega VRT330 Dual-Stage Vertical Single-Auger Low-Speed Juicer is the top second selling juicer over $300.

This is one very sleek design, made to extract the healthiest and tastiest juices possible. Its low speed rotation is especially great for those who are conscious of their daily vitamin intake and for those who want the benefits of the fruit and vegetable enzymes which are usually destroyed in high speed rotations.

This particular design is geared for the health conscious individual who wants to gain from their daily juices and are not prepared to compromise on their benefits.

With a 10 year full warranty, this is one of the best healthy juicers that are available.

Check the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Green Star 5000 Elite Juicer

Green Star 5000 Elite JuicerGreen Star 5000 Elite Juicer is the third bestselling juicer in the over $300 range. One look at this juicer and you will understand why it is as expensive as it is.

Its name Elite truly describes the product. One of these and your kitchen will appear more modern than it is. Some of the special features that this juicer comes with are latches instead of knobs to attach its twin gear housing.

We all know that latches are much easier to fix, remove and clean and is a feature that most of us will appreciate. It is designed to allow the least amount of oxygen into the juicing process, enabling your fruit not to oxidize quickly. This juicer comes with many extras such as a wooden plungers, juicing and bread-stick knobs, plastic plungers, drip tray, cleaning brushes and a safety hood.

Along with a user manual and a 5 year warranty, this sleek design will ensure that you get the maximum and healthiest juice possible. If you would like to have more details on this product, please check out this link for the best discounts

Green Star 5000 Elite Juicer

In summary

The kind of juicer that you choose to buy depends on how much of a use you will have for it and how much money you are willing to pay for it.

If you are someone who juices once in a while and a cheap and practical option is what appeals to you, go with juicers that are in the low price range as these are both efficient as well as practical.

However if you want more juice out of your juicer and lesser pulp, it is a better idea to go with juicers in the mid price range.

Although these may be more expensive, they are well worth the price difference especially if you make juice on a regular basis.

The top end juicers are mainly people for whom a juicer is as indispensable as a refrigerator. Most top end juicers are built to last and work efficiently. So for those of you who have had an old juicer for a very long time and expect your new juicer to work for the next ten years without trouble, then go with the high end juicers and it will be well worth the money you pay for it.

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