How To Delight Your Coffee With A Magic Wand

Believe it or not a handheld milk frother can give you a luxurious cup of coffee right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Why wait for the coffee shop and stand in line with other anxious or sleepy people waiting for their caffeine fix. Hand held milk frothing gives you the flexibility to buy the highest quality milk and have it fresh from your fridge.

Once you froth your own milk at home you will feel amazing, because it taste so good. It is easy to use a handheld milk frother and here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Needs for milk frothing

Things you will need are your favorite milk like coconut milk, fat free milk, cream, cashew milk, or any other milk of your choice that makes your coffee delicious. A tall cup to make your milk froth to eliminate any major splashes or spills necessary. You will need coffee in your favorite coffee cup from your favorite coffee maker, but you will put that to the side until you are ready to make your froth. Decide if you want cold or hot milk?

Cold or Hot milk

If you want cold frothed milk, then skip to the next section. If you want warm or hot frothed milk there are two easy ways to get your warm or hot frothed milk. First you can pour your favorite milk like coconut milk in a microwave safe tall cup. Warm or heat the milk in the microwave to desired heat. You will then proceed to froth the milk. You can also warm the milk on a stove top in a small pan.

Frothing the milk

 You can use the pot or cup you used to warm the milk with. Wait to turn the hand held milk frother on until the frother coil is fully submerged into the milk. Submerge the coil into the milk and lower it half way down into the milk. Then turn the frother on. You will have to gently get a feel for the frother, and what you can do with it. Try not to pull it out of the milk because it will splash milk everywhere.

Just hold the coil halfway down in the milk and allow the milk to start bubbling. You can also move it slowly to the surface, but do not let it break the surface. You can slowly move the milk frother up and down, remember to always keep the frother fully submerged in the milk.

Now all you have to do is wait for the milk to froth up until the froth is almost coming up over the sides of the cup. It will get to a point where it will not really bubble anymore. You do not want to over froth the milk.

Pouring the milk

As soon as the froth is ready, you want to turn the milk frother off. Then take the frother out of the milk and place it in a separate cup with a little soap and water. Take a spoon and pour the milk into your coffee cup holding the froth as you are pouring the milk into the cup.

You then will either spoon the froth on top of you coffee or just pour the froth right on top. Enjoy your coffee with milk froth immediately. It is a good idea to put the sugar you want in your hot coffee before you put the milk froth into the cup.

Cleaning your milk frother

The best thing to do is have a cup of soapy water to put your milk frother in after your use it. You want to enjoy your cup of coffee first. When you are done having your delicious cup of coffee then rinse your hand help milk frother under the faucet. You are only washing the stainless steel skinny shaft and the coil.

You want to make sure there is no milk residue on the stainless steel part as milk goes bad and may leave a sour taste in your next coffee. You also do not want to put the hand held part in water. This process actually makes cleaning pretty easy compared to other frothers on the market.

Make the best coffee

This is your coffee. When you make your coffee at home, you can make it exactly like you want it. You can also experiment and try new things as well which is always fun. You can put hazelnut, pumpkin, clove, peppermint, vanilla, whipped cream on top of the frothed milk as well.

A hand held milk frother gives you more options to change up your caffeine fix. The morning, afternoon or whenever you need a pick me up is the perfect time to make a coffee with a handheld milk frother.

Coffee shop and home

Hand held milk frothers are very reasonably priced and when you grind your favorite coffee bean and make a cup of coffee with a really great coffee machine or even espresso machine you will feel like royalty.

You can still enjoy a great cup at the coffee shop with friends, but why not have the best of both worlds and get a coffee shop style coffee at home with a hand held milk frother.

Chef Albert
Kitchen Orb