Best Automatic Electric Milk Frother: Secura Vs Epica

Automatic electric milk frother is able to produce either steamed milk or cold/hot frothed milk of the highest quality for various milk and coffee beverages. A creamy, thick and long lasting froth will transform your favorite milk-based drink! Milk frothers enable the coffee lovers to make the beverages in their own home.

The electric frothers keep the froth cold or warm after whisking automatically, and they also have a carafe for serving. This time, we will make comparison of Secura automatic electric milk frother and warmer vs Epica automatic electric milk frother and heater carafe.

Characteristic Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe
Operation Min -Max milk level indicators displayed inside carafe.
Automatically turn off when the steaming or frothing is done.
 It operates very quiet (quieter than Secura).
Also have Min-Max indicators and auto-turn off feature.
Method Of Use Very easy to use: pour the milk, select heat mode or froth mode and press the start button.
The machine is able to froth without heating (cold froth).
 Same use as with Secura frother: cold and hot frothing, as well as milk   heating.
Maintain / Cleaning Cleaning is quite easy:
Detach the electric base, then detach the frothing whisk. Rinse the whisk with water and soap.
Using the brush which comes in the package to reach and clean the deep parts.
Keep the device dry after cleaning.
 Also easy to clean and maintain:
For Epica use the same steps when cleaning the Secura.
Froth Quality Able to make a creamy foam with the best quality, regarding the thickness, texture and taste.
Moreover, the amount of froth can be adjusted by selecting different types of whisk.
  Epica frother makes very fine long-lasting creamy froth with a lot of small    bubbles.
The froth layer is very dense and luxuriously thick.
Time Required Take less than a minute to heat and froth the milk.
For the minor amounts of milk, just take about 50 to 60 seconds.
 Around 40-50 seconds, depends on the milk quantity inputted.
For an small cup of milk coffee, it will take less than 20 seconds.
Purpose This frother is great for both hot and cold milk froth.
It is also intended for hot milk for lattes, for cappuccinos, as well as other milk-based beverages such as milk shakes, hot chocolates, mocha cafe, etc.
In addition, it is suitable for different kinds of milks – skim, low fat or regular milk.
 Same as Secura, this device is designed for hot and cold froth.
Can use it to make froth for cappuccinos, some iced drinks with milk, or to   heat the milk for your latte or some other hot milk coffee drinks.
Works fine both with low fat and whole milk, as well as soya milk.
Design / Look Made from solid stainless steel with coated interior and a vacuum insulation.
Contain detachable base on the bottom side. An handle on the body side.
All in all, these automatic milk frothers really look modern and stylish.
Weight: 2.4 lbs.
 Also mainly prodused from stainless steel with nonstick interior and   vacuum insulation.
Also come with detachable base and a handy handle.
Have a classic modern design. Due to the handle on the side, it recalls the   coffee pots.
Weight: 2.4 pounds.
Help to maintain the desired temperature of the contents.
Capacity These frothers are available in two size: 250ml and 500ml.The 500ml is enough for 3 cappuccinos or 2 cups of hot chocolate.  Only one size: 125ml for frothing and 250 ml for heating.
Temperature Control The vacuumed insulation is designed to keep the milk cold or warm.
There is an built-in temperature controller, which will auto-turn off the device at the desired temperature.
 Same as the Secura.
Advantagese Easy to use and operate, easy pouring, suitable for both cold and hot frothed milk, produce great quality froth.  Very easy to use and maintain, can prepare both cold and warm frothed   drinks, make high quality froth in no time.
Price These milk frothers cost from $ 40 – $ 130 on the market. It mainly depends on their capacity and shipping costs.  Price depends on capacity and manufacturer, commonly found Epica   frothers from 80 to 90 dollars.

The difference between Secura and Epica milk frothers is really insignificant in terms of the qualit . It’s a dead heat between these two frothers in all fields, including: froth quality, advantages, time required for preparation, design (it is pretty similar), purpose – both are perfect for numerous cold/hot milk based drinks.

Therefore, when you want to buy the automatic electric milk frother, the external appearance will be the main factor in the selection for many customers. In any case, you will not make a mistake for either of these two frothers you decide!