Best Electric Milk Frother – How To Choose?

If you are a cappuccino addict or a chocolate lover and you happen to love to have milk based drinks, delicious frothy coffee or hot chocolate, you’ll absolutely love the idea of getting an electric milk frother (also called an automatic electric milk frother) for a great experience. Even if you are not so much into frothy toppings in your drink, you can still have nice thick steamed milk for any milk based drink.

Why Best Electric Milk Frother?

Sometimes you might feel like going for a simple frothing wand instead of an electric milk frother and save a lot of money on a milk frother. Why should you go for an electric milk frother for a better experience? Well, there’s a lot of difference between the two and you can expect to get what you pay for.

 Save time

A frothing wand muddles the task of milk frothing because you have to heat the milk first and then froth it while an electric milk frother can do both these tasks at the same time at a simple push of a button. It can either steam the milk or froth it for you.

 Give good froth quatity

The quality of froth produced by these two frothers is not the same. A frothing wand gives a froth that is no match to the froth produced by an electric milk frother. The froth generated by a frothing wand is full of air and bubble and it is relatively thin as compared to the froth generated by an electric milk frother.

 Do dual task

An electric milk frother also serves a dual purpose of steaming milk or frothing it as well as heating it for any milk based drink. Usually it is equipped with two whisks for steaming (for Latte) and frothing (for Cappuccinos).

Top 5 Best Electric Milk Frother Comparisons

After a lot of market study and performing some deep research on electric milk frothers (their usability and customer reviews), we have been able to enlist these 5 best electric milk frothers for you to choose from.

1. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Aeroccino Frother

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Aeroccino Frother width=

As you hear or see the word “Pixie”, you generally picture something small and maybe quiet and that’s exactly what you get with this espresso machine that comes with an additional milk frother.

You can get a fresh, tasty espresso shot within 30 seconds and super creamy milk froth coming out of a 19 bar pump is a plus. It has fully automated brewing system which gives you a wide variety of choices and all that you need to do is stick a coffee capsule and select the size of your cup. It also provides the options of hot, warm or cold milk and a perfect froth every time with the touch of a button.

Apart from these features, programmable buttons for espresso and lungo adds more functionality to the Pixie Aeroccino Frother along with a flip-up drip tray to accommodate larger cups; easy-to-use backlit buttons; auto-shut off in couple of minutes. It also has a detachable 24-Ounce water tank attached to it for easy filling and cleaning.

The device also comes with an Aeroccino plus variant. It can prepare hot milk froth in 70 seconds and cold milk froth in 60 seconds.

2. Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Maker

Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Maker width=

Mr. Coffee offers a very cost effective solution for coffee lovers. It is a great choice for those who love to have freshly brewed espressos without spending a lot of time near their coffee machines.

The control panel has been designed in such a way that even a novice can hit the perfect taste in the first attempt. There are options for single or double shots of espresso, cappuccino or latte.

Automatic milk frother greatly reduces the effort for frothing the milk and the 15 bar pump that is attached within ensures a thick creamy froth for a great experience with your favorite beverages.

Besides all features, it is really easy to clean this espresso maker as it is equipped with a drip catcher that collects coffee drips and it can be later removed and cleaned separately. This helps to keep the brew space neat and clean. The Espresso maker comes with a single shot filter, double shot filter, measuring scoop, tamper and coffee recipes.


3. Capresso frothPRO

Capresso frothPRO width=

The Capresso frothPRO is a product by the Capresso Company, a well-known and respected manufacturer of this kind of consumer items. This device could be considered one of the best bargains in the market considering its low price compared to other brands of the same category. In addition, you could assess these magnificent features, check them out:

The system is fully-automatic with three essential multiple temperature settings (hot, cold and warm). Its large capacity could handle 8 oz. of frothed milk and 12 oz. steamed milk which are perfect for cappuccinos, coffee lattes and chocolates. The pitcher is scratch-resistant and ceramic coated which is dishwasher-friendly, with see-through lid and removable pitcher.

Its handle is heat resistance and detachable for easy cleaning. The touchpad buttons are illuminated for the easy visual check on its operating status. Unfortunately, the pitcher is ceramic coated which could be easily damaged when dropped. So, the best thing is: do not drop the unit.

The Capresso frothPRO brand of milk frother is quite unique in one of its features where it has not only one but two frothing discs that other products don’t have. These discs give thicker and maximum milk frothing effect, as attested to by its users. This unique feature is an ideal complement to coffee and chocolate lovers alike. Current online surveys put this product as an ideal gift for newly-wed couples. Experts consider this the favorite of baristas all over the world.




  • It works perfectly with low-fat fluids like skim milk, coconut milk, soy milk, hot chocolate, almond milk, and heavy cream for thick foam, hot lattes, and much more.
  • Highly flexible with three temperature settings, two frothing and one heating disc along a dual automatic shut-off.
  • Designed impeccably with roomy capacity, scratch-resistant exterior, ceramic layered pitcher, dishwasher safe, retractile and non-stick milk pitcher, heatproof handle and transparent lid. The heating disk steams milk without any signs of scalding.
  • Easy operations, all you need is to attach a frothing disc, then feed a cold, hot or warm milk and seal with the lid, pressing the button jumpstarts the process and shuts off automatically.
  • The stand-alone appliance is a handy complement to coffee makers or espresso appliances.




  • Users have to grope aimlessly to detach the frothing disks beneath the pitcher. Similarly, its mounting assembly is too small making it harder to fix and remove disks. The disks ought to be cleaned thoroughly; failure to do this may lead to clogging and quick breakdown.

Is This Product A Great Purchase?

The Capresso appliance offers a large capacity to prepare frothed and non-frothed milk. It is propped up by a highly developed frothing disk producing maximum froth at minimal efforts.

Once started, it gives consistent frothing, gentle but fast circulating air into the milk and operates with three temperature settings. A unique heating disk works well with warm and hot milk for lattes or hot chocolate. This frother is ideal for non-dairy products like soy milk, coconut milk and almond milk.


4. Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother

Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother width=

The Kuissential milk froth makers see to it that their products conform to international standards. And they are quite familiar with the consumers’ needs; they know how to satisfy them. With their Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother and warmer, Kuissential brand is certainly not a bad choice! Hold your breath for these exemplary features of their product:

With stainless steel exterior and non-stick insulation inside, the unit is fully automatic with LED lights as its pilot lamp to know if it is in operation, and it shut-off automatically when frothing is done. But it maintains its warmness as much as you like.

The push button operation makes this unit easy to operate from cold setting to warm froth and keep it at this state. The exterior is made from stainless steel while the inside is insulated by a non-stick vacuum flask. The mug like container is tall enough to produce abrupt frothing and fluffy foam.

Consumers may be confused with the new name of this product. You see, its former name is spelled Cuissential. Furthermore, only the spelling had changed, the quality and durability stayed.

The stainless steel material of the Kuissential frother makes it non-susceptible to corrosion, which enables it to last longer compare to other brands that are steel-based, glass, plastic. However, design flaw could be observed on this product: it has difficulty spotting the maximum line of sight when using steam. But this is a minor issue; some users wipe this part thoroughly for good vision.

You would not be mistaken when you choose to purchase this amazing product. The whisks on its bottom are electrically operated but really safe as it is constructed with the strict standard manufacturing process supervised by the manufacturer’s smart Engineers. You do not have to worry about failing products.



  • The electric milk frother is ideal for making froth from hot and cold milk, heating milk for lattes and chocolate, almond milk, skim milk, flax or full-fat milk, coconut milk, and low-fat dairy products (sweetened or flavored). Low-fat milk gives the best foam.
  • Easy to operate, clean-friendly and less maintenance demands, it froths automatically at the press of a soft-button and shuts off automatically.
  • Well-equipped, it features dual whisk attachments, gloss shiny stainless-steel exterior and a non-stick lining for easy cleaning inside.



  •  The main issue is a latent layer that forms at the non-stick area; it has to be cleaned after every frothing process. The whirring attachments must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent clogging and premature breakdown.


The bottom line is Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother offers essentials for milk lovers to prepare their favorites such as lattes, hot chocolate, cappuccinos and much more.

It has a consistent and speedy frothing ability spawning milk at the right temperature. Made of stainless steel and rugged whisk attachments coupled with a non-stick interior, its durability is superb.

Chef’s Star Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Chef's Star Automatic Electric Milk Frother width=

Made out of premium stainless steel, the Chef’s Star incorporates a potent internal heating mechanism that enables you to create effortlessly copious creamy froth at a breakneck pace. It heats milk rapidly at the press of a button. You must not be lured to exceed the indicator line. This milk frother features a power base, allows you to tweak temperature levels and prepares froth in the blink of an eye.

This frother can automatically froth one glass of cold milk, mass-produce froth and heat with four different temperature settings. While these are only options available in mainstream frothers, the Chef’s Star Automatic Electric Milk Frother can automatically heat to spit out less froth up to 250 ml by adjusting 4 temperature settings.

It also gives quintessential features common in other electric milk frothers, you can get up to 250 ml of heated milk, and half the amount can give double this volume when you froth.

Stainless steel makes it a highly durable unit and its newly improved detachable power base allows easy pouring and cleaning. The vacuum interior vacuum insulation facilitates temperature regulation. Users with firsthand experience suggest it easily creates racy, creamy foam appropriate for hot or cold milk coffee bar cappuccinos, lattes, mocha, cocoa, hot chocolate, and coffee.


Final Thoughts

With all these comparisons and analysis, you can choose the product that best fits your needs. It is obvious that the Nespresso Pixie Milk Frother stands ahead of all offering a one stop solution to almost all your caffeine needs. But there are choices for those who are not willing to spend that much on Best Electric Milk Frother.

They can opt for products like Capresso frothPRO milk frother or Chefs Star Automatic milk frother. However, if they want something that is more than a simple milk frother and yet within their budget, then they can go for Kuissential Deluxe or Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso maker to get the value for their money.