Best Manual Milk Frother – Hand Pump Based

It is a real delight for any caffeine lover to have a best manual milk frother which can give them the joy of having their favourite milk based cappuccinos or latte whenever they feel like having it.

There are numerous devices both electrically automated as well as manually operated, available in the market today which can serve the purpose of not only frothing the milk but also brewing coffee beans for a fresh shot of espresso every time.

But if you are looking for something that is simple to use and can live up to your expectations then you can go for simple hand pump based milk frothers which are as simple and convenient to use and are a great relief for your budget as well as your electricity bill.

But the question that often comes up before you buy anything is- how to decide? It’s simple; just follow the below mentioned guidelines and you might reach the best milk frother suitable for your needs.

There is a detailed account on some of the best manual milk frother which highlights upon the user reviews and ratings from the experts, their performance and usability and the extent to which they have lived up to the expectations of the users.


What We Recommend

While going through the user manuals and product descriptions, no device rates itself any less than other products available in the market. It is only after using them that you get to know of the differences between their features on paper and real performance.

To save you from that and help you take a good decision while choosing your milk frother, here are some of the best hand operated milk frothers that can for an integral part of your life.

#1Bodum Latteo Milk Frother

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Bodum Latteo Milk Frother is no less than any of its competitors in its class. This frother from Bodum has a highly attractive design because of its glass body and handle. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass which makes it easy to be used in a microwave oven for heating the milk. It cannot be used on stove directly unlike the other two frothers which had that advantage because of their stainless steel body.

However, the glass body serves another purpose of keeping a check on the quantity of milk and the froth produced so that the froth never overflows or gets thicker as might happen in the steel container. So, with this frother you need not count the number of pumps because you can see the quality of froth being produced and you can stop when you like it.

A holding capacity of 8 ounce may not sound much but the amount of froth generated is good enough to prepare 2 cups of frothy drinks. The froth initially produced can be microwaved so that it thicken up and then the thick milk can be frothed again for a better experience.

The device is safe to be washed in a dishwasher but it is advisable to wash the carafe and plunger separately.


#2BonJour Caffe Froth Monet Milk Frother

BonJour Caffe Froth Monet Milk Frother width=

Though the market swarms with innumerable milk frothers, the BonJour Caffe Froth Monet is a one-off offer in its niche. This manual frother produces premium quality foamy topping without using fatty milk. It offers an easy-to-pour spout and spawns up to 20 ounces on pumping the handle a handful times.

It has rich aesthetics exhibited by a domed and sleek stainless steel top and color-accented Acrylic knob. As manually operated milk frother, you can make a full-bodied foamy liquid by plunging. You can also transfer froth to a microwave for warming. It works significantly well in giving a fat-proof foamy fizz to blend with fruit juice, dessert, sugar or vanilla. Generating froth takes a couple of seconds.

All components of the ensemble are dishwasher safe, but hand washing will prolong the durability of the pieces. To get luscious foam, watch out the maximum indicator line. However, it is a good deal as you eschew messes frequently associated with electric milk frothers. It also gives finest results with cold and lactose-free milk. Plunge about 20 times to churn out a full glass of milk.


#3Norpo Stainless Steel Milk Frother

Norpo Stainless Steel Milk Frother width=

This milk frother from Norpo boasts of a high quality steel body which is indeed a great feature to have. The steel body gives it a proper weight to accompany the hand pump for frothing. Not only that, the steel body also gives you the advantage of heating the milk by placing the container on a stove directly.

The capacity of the beaker is 500 ml which is quite good for frothing milk and it can be used for frothing any type of milk be it soy milk, almond milk or the common milk. Unlike other frothers, it can be used to froth cream also.

So, with this frother all that you need to do is fill warm or cold milk, as you wish and then pump the plunger to generate froth and you can get a thick froth within couple of minutes to enjoy your cappuccino, latte or even hot chocolate.

Cleaning this device is very easy. It is dishwasher safe so it can be washed in a dishwasher. Although, it is suggested to wash it manually which is relatively easy because of its simple design.


Final Thoughts About Best Manual Milk Frother

After analysing all these comparisons, one can easily choose for the best fit product for his need whether it is capacity base, effort based or a good attractive design for a frother. Comparing all three, Norpo Stainless steel milk frother leads the race because of its qualities and volume that it can hold but as mentioned before, each of them have their own advantages and shortcomings and the best product to meet your needs will depend on how you intend to use it.

Norpo Milk Frother has a good quality steel but it might feel heavier also, though its heavy weight helps in balancing the pump. Bonjour milk frother offers a great quality of froth but the quality of steel used is not as good as Norpo. However, it can produce the desired thickness of froth and the froth produced is quite durable and remains till the last sip of your coffee.

Bodum Milk Frother has a glass body which is both attractive and durable. The glass is Pyrex glass, so it can be very well used in a microwave oven. However, its size might fall on a lower side as compared to the other two competitors but it is great for someone who needs a cup of cappuccino for himself only.

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