DeLonghi espresso machine reviews

DeLonghi espresso machines are fairly popular in the market. The manufacturer has a centuries-old experience and good reputation.

The espresso machines from DeLonghi are stylish and graceful. In addition, they provide you magnificent beverage to create an exquisite mood.

Moreover manuals of DeLonghi espresso machines contain clear and accurate information about operation with these machines to receive the best result. If you choose any of DeLonghi espresso machines you will get high-quality appliance for your kitchen.



DeLonghi EC5 is the best espresso machine for people who love espresso but don’t like complicated gadgets or can’t afford espresso machine of superior quality and extremely high price. Moreover DeLonghi EC5 is super easy to use and it works great especially for the price. You will get very good espresso for comparatively very low price. Design of DeLonghi EC5 is very simple. That’s mean that there are relatively little details that can break down.

The milk steamer wand is very effective. However I have to admit that it is maybe too close to the body of the machine and fairly short. To improve this imperfection you can put your machine on the little stand to make more easy milk frothing. To receive better frothed milk you would better rotate pitcher around the wand instead of moving up and down. It could take several times of trying but it is worth to try to improve this skill. But if you don’t like the quality of frothed milk you can buy additionally frothing wand for about $10 and receive the exact result as you want.

DeLonghi EC5 has 1-year limited warranty.

I can definitely affirm that DeLonghi EC5 does what it should for the price.

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For the money DeLonghi EC155 espresso maker is very good gadget. It is easy to operate and it works great. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow step by step. It is important at the very beginning always follow instructions. So you can avoid from unpleasant surprises.

Size of water reservoir is appropriate. Before refilling reservoir you can make about 8 shots of espresso. Moreover, water reservoir in the front of the machine on the left side behind the steam wand has water level window. So you always can control water level in your machine. Water reservoir is very easy to remove and put back after filling with water.

DeLonghi EC155 has built-in plastic tamper. However when you tamp with it you have to hold your machine to avoid overturning. I still suggest buying separate temper.

If you think that your steam wand is too close to the body and you can hardly operate to froth your milk than you could consider buying a counter top space-saving shelf. Then you can put your espresso machine on the top of it and ease operating with steam wand.

DeLonghi EC155 doesn’t have automatic control of the amount of coffee in the cup. So you have to decide when your shot is done.

DeLonghi EC155 has espresso pod adapter therefore you can use not only ground coffee but almost E.S.E. pods (easy serving espresso pods).

DeLonghi EC155 has one year limited warranty. However there are some reviews where people claim that performance of this machine after one year of intensive use worsens.

However, even if it is so and you would have to replace this machine after a year of exploitation it is worth if you will count amount of money you spend during one year even if you buy just one espresso a day in Starbucks.

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DeLonghi BAR32 is very great machine for the price and it is extremely easy to use. DeLonghi BAR32 is relatively small, heats quickly and has round shape which looks very homely.

Size of water reservoir is 35 ounce that allows you make about 8 espressos or 4 cappuccinos before refilling. Water tank is completely transparent and it is placed behind espresso machine. Removing and putting back water tank is very easy. As water tank is completely transparent you always will be sure that it is full or empty.

DeLonghi BAR32 has espresso pod adapter. So you can use not only ground coffee but almost E.S.E. pods (easy serving espresso pods).

Delonghi BAR32 has built-in plastic tamper. I have to admit that it isn’t very convenient and it would be better to buy separate temper. However, if you decide to use built-in temper than you have to remember every time push down on the top of the machine so that it won’t fall over.

Steam wand works very well. But if you decide that it isn’t fairly convenient you can put your machine on the counter top space-saving shelf. That helps you easier operate with steam wand.

If you don’t have such shelf or you can’t afford to buy one you can place your machine near the side of the shelf or table.

Cleaning of DeLonghi BAR32 is pretty easy and the same is descaling.

DeLonghi BAR32 has 1-year limited warranty what is pretty reasonable.

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Super-automatic means exactly that operating with it is super easy and all works fully automatically.

Moreover the super automatic machine tells you everything that it needs. There is digital control panel with programmable menu settings in the front of DeLonghi ESAM3500.N. You just have to be careful to take notice what it needs and you will know when you need to add water, coffee beans, descale it, etc.

Magnifica super-automatic espresso machine ESAM3500.N prepares espresso, cappuccino or latte in very easy way – you just have to push button. Everything is so easy! As the result you get very tasty beverage.

There are five coffee strength settings – extra mild, mild, regular, strong an extra strong. You just have to experiment which strength level you prefer. Additionally there are three settings of cup size – small or ristretto, medium or espresso and large or Americano.

You only have to select strength and size of cup you prefer. As you see DeLonghi ESAM3500.N. is really very easy to operate. Besides, machine rinses itself after you turn it on and before turning off.

Water tank is removable and you can fill in 60 ounce of water. This machine is a bit noisy but first of all that is because of built-in grinder. However coffee grinders usually are noisy. As it was mentioned above this machine tells you when you have to refill coffee beans. Grinder grinds coffee beans instantly before brewing espresso. If you would like, you can use already grounded coffee. Then you just have to fill in as much ground coffee as you are going to brew. Brewing system is quite compact and easy removable for cleaning.

Milk frothing system is convenient. Frothed milk run out directly into your cup and then DeLonghi ESAM 3500.N. makes espresso and puts it in the same cup. However there are many complains in reviews about very low temperature of produced steamed and frothed milk. That is about 120 degrees F. In case if you like very hot cappuccino or late this doesn’t satisfy you.

There is an additional important thing you have to take to account before buying DeLonghi ESAM3500.N. The coffee bean lid opens upward. In such a way total height of the espresso machine is about 18 inches. Its matter if you have small kitchen or limited place to put your appliance. As more complicated espresso machine is as larger is probability it could break. The good news is that DeLonghi has more repair shops for warranty service than any other manufacturer. This is expensive espresso machine but well worth the price.

Cleaning of DeLonghi ESAM3500.N. Magnifica is not very complicated. Automatic decalcification indicator lights let you know when it’s time to clean the machine. Still I really recommend you following manual suggestions of cleaning order at least the first several times.

Super automatic espresso machines have sophisticated mechanisms to allow you enjoy heavenly espressos every time almost without any effort but they require much responsible attitude in everyday exploitation.

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