Get Healing Power by Making Beet Juice

Many websites offering juicer reviews never give enough details of the beetroot juice benefits, which are numerous.

It is quite possible to make beet juice, kale juice and other vegetable juices using the best top ten juicers found in the marketplace today. The fresh beetroot juice benefits you in avoiding a number of health issues.

You can make use of Omega juicer, Champion juicer, masticating juicer or even a centrifugal juicer; it all depends on the type of vegetable that you wish to juice. Here are some juicer reviews that will assist you in settling on the best top ten juicers that suit your needs and budget too.

It is a fact that those people who are used to juicing fruits and vegetables have fewer health issues than those who do not juice at all. Beetroot juice benefits assist your body in staying healthy. Beet juice side effects are noticed by change urine color or feces due to beet’s natural pigment, and this does not affect your health in any way.

To enjoy beetroot juice benefits use a champion juicer

The champion juicer is famous for producing beetroot juice with lots of pulp. The juicer comes with an extra-fine mesh strainer, which you can use to remove the extra pulp from your juice. You may consider using it if you don’t like the extra pulp, although, for me, I prefer the fine pulp since its beneficial to my digestive tract.

The type of beet juice you make depends solely on you. Different types of beet juice recipes are available and possibly the most revitalizing, nourishing beet juices are those juiced adding green leafy vegetables such as celery, parsley, kale, spinach, cucumber to name just but a few.

In his Juiceman Cd and Audio Cassette series, Jay Kordich describes the health properties of numerous vegetables and blends of vegetables.

I could go on writing at length regarding nutritional values of various fruits and vegetables; lots of books and audios available on the market have been written by renowned authors such as Sarah Owen, Gayelord Hauser, John B. Lust, and several others.

Beetroot Juice Benefits

By carrying out an effortless Web search, you will come across a wealth of information regarding the health benefits of beetroot. There is a lot of information such that you will be amazed and wonder where best to look.

We will only cover general guidelines that will help you in learning about the healing power of juicing.

The good thing about beetroot juice benefits is that it offers many nutrients through the digestive tract faster than when chewed. This is due to the fact that chewing and breakdown of enzymes do not occur with juices.

Hence the reason why healing and detox effects of the beet juices are experienced faster especially when the juice is consumed immediately after juicing. The benefits of drinking beetroot juice first thing in the morning are numerous. It is not rare to have a glass of, let’s say, beet juice, and in a few minutes, you feel lively, rested, more lucid and lighter.

Beet Juice Effects

Effects of the beet juice are more effective especially when you drink it feeling listless, tired, with pains, and even drained. Once you drink the fresh juice, you feel renewed, wonderful and regenerated too.

The health beetroot juice benefits are cumulative since as time goes by, the nutrients from the beet juice rebuild the body tissues.

Some of the juicing guidelines include not mixing fruit juice with vegetable juice, or fruits with vegetables while juicing. Although there are a few exceptions, fruits and vegetables belong to different food classes and are best kept separately.

One fruit that is an exception is the apple, which blends well with vegetables, maybe due to the acid found in it.

Chew or Juice beetroot?

Chewing beetroots and digesting them is more difficult than chewing and digesting fruits, and therefore beetroots are better-juiced than eaten like fruits. The other observation is that most foods originating from a plant are more nourishing when not cooked.

This is due to the fact that cooking denatures complex molecules and kills enzymes, leaving their components inadequate for body cell repair.

Juices from green leafy vegetables contain concentrated nutrients, although they are bitter to the taste or unpleasant. It is good to juice green leafy vegetables like spinach, celery, wheatgrass, parsley mixed with apples and carrots, to make them more pleasant.

It is known that the body absorbs most easily that which it likes. Here is the best beetroot juice for skin recipe that you can try for rejuvenation.

Parsley beet juice

beet juice

parsley beet juice

3 leafs Parsley 1 Beet, 3 Carrots 1 Apple

How to make beetroot juice

Wash all the ingredients thoroughly. Slice the ingredients especially the parsley in order to avoid tangling the juicer blades. Pass the sliced ingredients through the feeder throat and start juicing.

If you juice like me, you can pass the discarded vegetable pulp through the juicer a second time. This leaves the pulp dry and means more juice for you. Once this has been done, voila! Sit back and enjoy your beet juice!

Another deliberation: beets and beet juice are rich in carotene and stain everything that they touch. As luck would have it, this vegetable is known for cleaning and detoxifying the liver.

The carotene in the beets contains Vitamin A, which is more than what the body requires, therefore, the body takes in what it can and the rest is eliminated. Beet juice tastes pleasant and has been described as nectar.

The beetroot juice rejuvenates and renews the body. You may think it is a lot of work to prepare the beet juice, but sometimes it’s a great boost to have.

To conclude, we need to address a question that is never asked in juicing-related articles; what do I do with the leftover pulp? Well, you can add a little to your soup to give it body like what my mother does.

You can use it as mulch to fertilize your vegetable garden. You can make some vegetable cakes like what my friend does, or you can just throw it away since its biodegradable.

Here’s a toast of beet juice for a long life!

Chef Albert
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