9 Juice Fasting for Weight Loss Plan Mistakes to Avoid

Losing weight is not easy; that’s a fact. Everybody loves eating, and most of the time it becomes difficult to avoid delicious food, which could be unhealthy, and mostly when you are tired or feeling lazy. Juice fasting for weight loss plan will assist you in ensuring that you juice as required.

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A tired person feels like not cooking and can settle for any food as long as it is delicious, not caring about the calories. Even though losing weight is difficult, it does not mean that it is not doable.

If done in a proper manner, a 21 or 30-day juice fasting plan can assist you in staying healthy and losing weight in the process. Continue reading to find out some 9 mistakes that you need to avoid as you plan juice fasting for weight loss.

1.      Postponing Juice Fasting

If you have set a goal of starting juice fasting for weight loss on a particular day, do not postpone. Most people fail because they plan and once the day comes, they decide to postpone and do it some other time. Stick to your timings, otherwise, you may end up not doing it at all.

2.     Going on 100% Juice Fasting

If you are just starting out on juice fasting for weight loss the first time, do not replace all your meals with juice. It could leave you feeling tired and hungry. Instead of consuming juice from breakfast to dinner, replace one meal or snack with juice.

After you have become used to this for at least three or so weeks, then it becomes easier for you to go for an all juice diet for 30 days.

3. Fear of Failure

Many people fear juice fasting for weight loss since they are used to eating and cannot comprehend the fact that they will live on juice alone for 21 or even 30 days. This idea makes them feel frightened and seems impossible until they try it!

4. Not Preparing for Juice Fasting

You need to have a juice fasting plan in advance if you do not wish to fail terribly. You plan by ensuring you have a good supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge.

If you make a mistake of not planning, then you will end up without supplies and this can lead to breaking the juice fasting for weight loss sooner than later.

5. Not Hydrating

Even though fruits and vegetables contain water, it does not mean you need to do away with plain water when making juice fasting recipes for weight loss. Drinking enough water each day is good for your health.

Your body requires hydration all the time, and the fluid helps in warding off hunger pangs before the next juice!

 6. Exaggerating it

A number of people become addicted to juice fasting. Instead of following the recommended juice fasting plan, they do away with meals and adjust regularly juice recipes to make them contain fewer calories. Bear in mind that starving yourself is more harmful to your health than not dieting at all.

7. No Supplement with Protein or Fat

Juices do not contain fat or protein and this may leave you feeling hungry and tired. If you find yourself in that situation, ensure that you consume some flax seeds in order to keep yourself healthy and blood sugar levels stable. This will help you to feel fuller for a longer period.

 8. Leaving Juice to go Stale

You need to consume juice immediately after juicing. The faster you consume your juice after juicing, the better, although it is practically possible to store juice for a short period. Always keep in mind that oxygen and warmth degrade the quality of any juice fast.

9. Not Cleaning the Juicer

Leaving a dirty juicer overnight is the worst mistake that you can make as you start juice fasting. Facing the dirty and smelly juicer in the morning is a sure way to make you give up on the juice fast plan. Ensure that you clean the juicer immediately after juicing to avoid giving up on your fast.

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