Learn How to Juice a Citrus Fruit with Ease

Citrus can be defined as a kind of flowering shrubs or trees in the rue family. Plants of this kind produce citrus fruits. These fruits include oranges, grapefruits, lemons, mandarin, tangerine, pomelos, Minneola, limes, and tangelo.

Citrus fruits are loved by people of all walks of life. Although most of them do not know how to juice a citrus fruit. Citrus juice is high in vitamin C and is mostly used for body detox. Citrus fruits offer a lot of benefits to our bodies and are fat, Sodium and cholesterol-free.

These fruits are full of flavor and are loved by everyone including children. The best electric lime juicer has come in handy to assist numerous people to juice the citrus fruit. As opposed to eating it whole. Learning how to juice a lime with a juicer is quite effortless. Anyone wishing to start juicing grapefruits as well as small lime fruits can do so with ease.

Squeeze Lime Juice without a Juicer Machine

In fact, you can be able to squeeze the most juice from a lime without having to use a citrus juicer machine. All you need to do is start by rolling the lime on a solid surface and cut it crosswise.

When you cut the fruit crosswise, the membrane inside tends to be harder to break. When the lime is cut crosswise it produces more juice. If you find that the membrane is too tough, cut through them with a sharp knife. Take a fork and use it as a reamer onto the half lemon. Thatโ€™s it! Now you know how to juice a lime without a juicer.

The other famous method that you need to follow on how to juice a citrus fruit is to place the fruit, orange, small lime, lemon, grapefruit or any other citrus fruit in the microwave oven. Heat the citrus fruit on high for between 20 to 3o seconds and then remove from microwave.

Juice from the Orange or Lime

Let the fruit rest for like half a minute and then cut the citrus fruit in half and squeeze. The juice from the orange or lime will flow effortlessly for you to enjoy. Repeat the steps for more citrus fruits as required. Now you know how to juice a citrus fruit with ease.

If you do not have a microwave oven, there is no need to panic. Do not wonder how to juice a citrus fruit without a juicer. There is an easier method of squeezing the most juice out of your limes, lemon, orange and other citrus fruits including small limes. Leave them out until they obtain room temperature.

Boil some water in a pot and dip them inside. Use a hard surface to roll the limes and then cut them lengthwise and not widthwise. Squeeze the half with your hands until all the juice is realized. Repeat the steps for other citrus fruits that you may need to juice. Enjoy!

Stainless Steel Waring PCJ218 Citrus Juicer

how to juice a citrus fruit
Waring PCJ218 Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer

Stainless steel juicer machines are also available. The juicers can assist you in getting the most juice out of your citrus fruits. Some of these juicers are for example the Waring PCJ218 Citrus Juicer. This juicer is designed for citrus fruits and it is a heavy-duty model.

If you are looking at how to juice a citrus fruit and lots of them for that matter, then this is the juicer for you. This well-known stainless steel Waring PCJ218 Citrus Juicer will juice all citrus fruits including small limes to large grapefruits without complaining.

It works non-stop all day long and is a great addition to your kitchen.  Do you own orange trees? Are you planning to start a citrus juice business? This wonderful juicer machine is what you need.  Fortunately, while this orange juicer machine is capable of juicing tons and tons of citrus fruits, it is easy to clean. It does not produce noise when in operation.

How to juice a lemon with a hand juicer

Juicing citrus fruits is as easy as 123. Now that you wish to know how to juice a lemon with a hand juicer, here is the method. Soften the lime. Squeeze it tightly or roll the limes steadily with the palm of your hand on a table or counter in order to make it soft.

Cut the lime into half and remove the seeds. Juice the lime and drink it! One of the trouble-free hand lime juicer available in the market today is the Squeezer. Citrus juice lovers who find it hard to extract lime and lemon juice with bare hands use it widely.

Using the Squeezer to Juice a Citrus Fruit

The Squeezer looks like two spoons placed on top of one another. The steps to follow on how to juice a lemon with a hand juicer while using the Squeezer include: cutting the lime or lemon into half and then placing the half in the scooped section.

Put a cup beneath the Squeezer where the juice will pour. Place the lime in the spoon, press the two spoons. Squeeze the juice out of the lime, leaving the seeds and pulp in the spoon.

Numerous citrus juicer machines both electric and manual are available in the market place today. It is easy to find the best electric lime juicer machines. These machines offer you the amount of juice that you want, and at a price that suits your pocket.

how to juice a citrus fruit
Small Glass Juicer

Make Use of a Small Glass Juicer

Now that you have learned how to juice a citrus fruit. All the benefits that come with it will be yours. There are more options on citrus juicer machines, and the small glass citrus juicer is available in the market place.

This citrus juicer is ideal for home use where the best electric lime juicer could be a bother. It is also ideal if you do not want to spend a lot of money on an electric juicer. The advantage of the glass citrus juicer is that it does not require electricity in order to juice citrus fruits.

What are you waiting for? Start juicing all citrus fruits from small limes to large grapefruits without wasting any more time and enjoy the benefits that citrus fruits offer your body.

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